We get it. We human beings are busy. Sometimes that busyness can result in taking some shortcuts. The thing about shortcuts is that some of them are not exactly the best to take. Case and point is a story out of Hallsville of a woman who needed to make a quick trip into a convenience store but leaving her kids in the car, unlocked and running, in hopes of saving a few minutes.

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A Harrison County deputy has been taking to the Together Hallsville Facebook group to offer some friendly reminders or words of caution about instances he notices while on patrol. This particular story is an example of one that is not necessarily ignored, but instead put in the "it's-not-going-to-happen-to-me" jar.

Together Hallsville on Facebook

In his story, he was at a gas station in Hallsville waiting in line behind a woman who was carrying on a conversation with the cashier. She notices the officer, because he was in uniform and, as he describes it, "pretty sure she went pale." He sees her running to her unlocked, and still running, car that has her toddler inside. He mentions having a conversation with the woman and they go their separate ways.

The officer goes on to remind everyone that we are in that time of year where thieves are on the lookout a lot more than usual. I would believe "time of year" would mean Christmas shopping time where thieves are looking to steal your presents. This officer understands how we don't like to be out of our cars on a chilly morning but I do agree when he says in his post that it is no excuse to leave your kids unattended in an unlocked and running vehicle.

The officer added in a later comment that it is not against the law to leave your kids in a car for shorter than five minutes but it's not worth having the unthinkable happen and your child is gone. Other comments below the post all were in agreement of what the officer had to say, suggested another unthinkable situation could occur or thanked him for his service.

Together Hallsville on Facebook
Together Hallsville on Facebook
Together Hallsville on Facebook
Together Hallsville on Facebook

I am not a parent myself. In no way can I personally pass any kind of judgement or advice to any parent out there. However, I can offer this, I am an uncle. There were times that I would take my young niece and/or nephew out for some time together. I made sure that their safety was of the upmost importance just like a parent does. Please heed this officer's warning of leaving your kids alone just to make a quick stop for a bug juice. It could turn into a horrifying situation.

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