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A unique, fun, and different kind of painting experience is coming to Longview, Texas. It kind of reminds me of the time when my daughter was four years old and she got into the paint and had some extreme child fun with it not knowing the consequences of her actions!

We always seem to be looking for something a little bit different to entertain us. Whether we're looking for something relaxing, something to challenge us, or a way to relieve some stress, we're looking for that escape and a way to have some fun. There are salt caves in Tyler and spas all over East Texas where you can get a massage for an hour or so for relaxation. There are escape rooms that will challenge our puzzle-solving skills for entertainment and there have even been some rage rooms that have opened up where you can go in and smash and break things to relieve some of that pent-up stress and anger.

There are even painting classes where you and some friends can catch up and gossip while taking down a couple of bottles of wine while getting in touch with your inner Picasso. Well, now there's a new kind of painting experience opening in Longview soon on Gilmer Road where you can create your own masterpiece in hopes of becoming the next Vincent van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, or Claude Monet.

Paint a canvas in a splatter room

Opening in March, Paint Slingers, will give you a chance to have fun, relieve some stress and get in touch with your inner child and be creative while slinging paint around in a splatter room. Yeah, you'll literally be throwing paint against a wall that is holding your canvas as you sling paint to create a unique one-of-a-kind masterpiece that is uniquely yours.

According to Paint Slingers Facebook page, they are targeting to be open by the end of March 2023 on Gilmer Road next to Boxcar BBQ. You'll get to spend 30 minutes in the splatter room with five different colors of paint to create your own canvas. They'll give you some protective gear to wear and can add on some extras to make your canvas stand out.

This could end up becoming a great date or girls' night out event and something to do with the kids instead of them getting the paint all over the carpet in their room!

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