Can You Help Henderson County Police Solve A Cold Case?

Everyday, millions of crime cases go unsolved and yet there's thousands of men and women dedicated to solving these crimes no matter how old they are and how much time passes. Sometimes ONE little clue can reignite an investigation and bring justice to those seeking it.

The Henderson County Sheriff's Office Is Asking For The Public's Help In This Case.

Google Maps, Canva
Google Maps, Canva

According to a post on their Facebook page, the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office is working a cold case in which the investigation started in 2012 outside of the Seven Points area of Henderson County.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified of human remains located off of County Road 2448 near Flag Lake Road. Deputies responded and did locate human skeletal remains on the property and began an investigation.

The Henderson County District Attorney’s Office and the Texas Rangers Picked Up The Investigation.


The remains were taken to the University of North Texas Laboratory of Forensic Anthropology to be analyzed. The University of North Texas concluded the remains to be a male between the age of 21 and 60, possibly white or hispanic. They also provided a sketch of what the male possibly looked like.

Take A Look At The Photo Below:

Henderson County Sheriff's Office Facebook
Henderson County Sheriff's Office Facebook

The Sheriff’s Office checked missing person records and have been unable to identify these remains. If you have any information in reference to a missing male fitting this description from that time frame please notify the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office.

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