Overall, I feel safe living in East Texas, while I don’t live in the city limits of Tyler, I’ve never felt unsafe when visiting a grocery store or going out to dinner with my wife. We all know that crime happens everywhere but it’s still interesting to know what are the most common crimes that are committed in Tyler, that way you can do whatever possible to not become a victim and to just be aware of what’s going on where we live. 

When looking at the most common crimes in Tyler, I was also curious about how serious these crimes are, meaning are they misdemeanor or felony charges. It’s actually a combination of both, which is not exactly shocking. Obviously, it would be great to have a crime-free community but unfortunately that is just not reality.  

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Do the Most Common Crimes Change? 

The short answer is yes, while often the most common crimes taking place in Tyler are the same, they do change from time to time. For example, we’ve all heard about catalytic converter theft (with thieves selling them to get money) on the rise so those numbers are a bit higher recently. 

You Should Feel Safe in East Texas 

While we are talking about the most common crimes taking place in our community, you should feel pretty safe living in East Texas. There are so many other places, even in the state of Texas that deal with more serious crime issues. And we have some great law enforcement agencies that truly want to protect and serve Texans. 

Here is a look at the 6 most common crimes committed in Tyler, Texas. 

6 Most Common Crimes Committed in Tyler, Texas

Crime happens everywhere but here is a look at the most common crimes committed in Tyler, Texas.

11 Individuals Put to Death for Crimes in Smith County, Texas

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