Bathroom jokes are funny when you’re a little kid, but it’s never funny having to use the bathroom that is gross and hasn’t been cleaned in a long time. While it makes some people uncomfortable to talk about, everyone has to go to the bathroom, it’s part of the human body. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or shy away from, which is why I wanted to discuss some of the cleanest bathroom options available in East Texas. 

Obviously, no one has visited every bathroom and compared amenities and cleanliness, so I had to get some help with this scientific project. I asked Chat GPT, the artificial intelligence program, to help me come up with a list of the 10 cleanest bathroom locations in East Texas. While the program didn’t exactly give me everything I was looking for it did give some very helpful suggestions. 

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Clean Bathroom Locations Are Spread Out Across East Texas 

As you would expect you will find locations listed below having clean bathrooms in Tyler and Longview. But there were other smaller towns that got some recognition as well such as Pittsburg, Tatum and Palestine.  

Nervous About A Few of These Bathrooms 

While I want to trust Chat GPT helping me create this list some of the suggestions made by the AI program included parks, the problem with that is often times people make big messes in public bathrooms and parks don’t have staff to clean up the facilities on a regular basis. So, if you’re in a place and need a clean bathroom remember you can always go for a mall, bank, or hotel and they normally have clean bathrooms.  

Okay, let’s look at the list assisted by Chat GPT to find the cleanest bathrooms in East Texas. 

10 of the Cleanest Bathrooms Found in East Texas

If you need to use the bathroom in East Texas here are some locations of facilities that are normally kept clean.

Places Your Bathroom Needs Cleaning

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