Most of us know the awkwardness that comes with visiting your new boyfriend or girlfriend's family for the first time and having dinner. It gets better with time and the more you get to know people but that first time is always a little uncomfortable because you want to make a good impression. But what happens when the family goes out of their way to prank the new person coming to dinner? That’s what happened in this TikTok that has gone viral. 

After watching the video, you have to laugh but also feel a little bad for the new girlfriend shown in the video because it is obvious that she has no idea on how to react when instead of saying a prayer before eating dinner, the family decides to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. It only gets better when members of the family spin their body around in a circle after the Pledge is done.  

@kaylalagasse This was the best thing we’ve ever done😂 #prank #funny #family #dinner #random #hilarious #awkward #fyp #fypシ #FlexEveryAngle #humor #awk #amazon ♬ Aesthetic - Tollan Kim

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You Cannot Laugh During the Prank 

This totally sounds like something my family would have done back in the day, but my goofy family would have laughed halfway through it, giving the joke away. But just the fact that the family got together to create this little prank is hilarious and they deserve a 10/10. 

Did Your Family Do Any Pranks Like This? 

I remember my brother telling me that he had to sit on a small piano bench at a girlfriend's house the first year he went to Thanksgiving dinner, because he was the newest person invited to dinner. Has your family ever done a prank like this with someone new at the dinner table? 

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