Now I know why Santa Clause is so jolly!

While listening to the request of small kids, negotiating with others on getting off his 'Naughty list', to traveling overnight delivering gifts to everybody on his 'Nice list' it dawned on me...How much money does Santa make?

According to Readers Digest, being Santa isn’t for the ordinary person.  You have to be ‘called’ to hold this position!

Training is extreme and you even have to purchase your own Santa suit and if you want to be different and get a custom Suit it can cost you up to one thousand dollars.

So, how much money does Santa bring in?  Glad you asked,

The median hourly rate for Saint Nick in the mall runs you about $30, but rates vary to where you can get as low as $12 an hour to even $75 and hour per GoBankingRates.

You know what that means right?  Santa is pulling in between $7,000 to $10,000 for the year, and that’s not counting the not so jolly Santa’s who work the malls.  However, higher profile appearances from Santa at corporate events and private parties, ranking about $20,000.

So next time you’re thinking about a Seasonal job during the holidays consider Santa because they earn a higher hourly wage for most seasonal jobs.


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