Now that COVID-19 has ruined my summer plans, it could pretty much put a damper on my holiday plans as well.

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According to OAG, which is a U.K. based aviation analytics firm, as of late September, United Airlines and American Airlines reported only about 25 percent as many bookings for November from a year earlier. And it that's not as scary as Delta Airlines which is at 12 percent.

The group says the biggest problem is that people are booking fewer flights, and using travel vouchers (I can agree to that) from previously canceled flights.  However, because of the Thanksgiving holiday, many are going to travel regardless, but they could change their flights as well.

The group is also predicting that flights made in November have the possibility of changing due to airlines cutting their travel schedules. Depending on the airline, those changes could happen with only three to five weeks advanced notice.

American Airlines and United Airlines have already furloughed 32,000 employees at the beginning of the month as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to play a factor in air travel.

At one time, Thanksgiving holiday travel would be one of the busiest times of the year, but now due to COVID-19, it puts people in situations to revaluate how they will spend the holiday season - including myself as I am preparing my holiday travel with family.

Only time will tell.

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