Claire Jeffress is having a fantastic senior year of high school.  The Pearland, Texas native was recently crowned Homecoming Queen a few weeks ago, but outside of wearing a pretty dress and a tiara Claire is the kicker for the Dawson High School football team and just last week she kicked a winning field goal to defeat rival Pearland.

From Wide Open Country Claire has been playing football since the 7th grade, but her first love is soccer and she hopes to play soccer in college.  Claire’s mom was very skeptic and it took time for her to adjust year after year.  She was playing football with the same group of young men when she was younger and they are very protective of her as if she is their younger sister.

Claire said in a statement to the Houston Chronicle

I’ve kind of learned how to block everything out and just focus on what I do. If it’s 32 or 33 yards or less, I feel confident.

When Claire was awarded Homecoming Queen she accepted the award in her football uniform during halftime and to complete the night they defeated their opponent by a score of 51-16.

Kicking winning field goals isn’t new to Jeffress and don’t be surprised if you see Claire kicking a winning field goal in the NFL giving the opposing team the agony of de-FEET!

Claire Jeffress “YOU ROCK!”