While we all know how negative social media can be, it seems like lately there have been even more people that have been finding that out the hard way. Yes, there are way too many keyboard tough guys, and people that want to be jerks online. But there are also often times that people post online expecting a certain response and often times things don't go as planned. It seems like there have been lots of people that have been posting to the Tyler, Tx Rants, Raves, and Recommendations Facebook group and many of them have received unexpected and harsh comments in response to their post, just know when you post there it opens you up to brutal honesty.

For example, recently there have been lots of people making complaints about certain local restaurants because food took longer than expected to arrive at the table, or maybe there was a line to be seated. These things happen, especially around the holidays, but going to social media with these minor annoyances is not going to end well.

Many People Are Now Asking if You Brought Up the Issue With Management

If it's simple like food waiting too long you will often see people on social media telling others to just be patient as there is a shortage of workers. Or asking if the issue was ever brought up to management at the place of business before bashing them online. Basically saying, if you don't have the guts to bring up the complaint to management then don't bash them online where they cannot do anything to help the situation.

When You Post Realize Not Everyone Will Agree With You

When you decide to post on social media groups know that not everyone is going to take your side or agree with what you're saying. It could bring lots of hate regardless of the topic, just be careful when you're posting online. The internet can be a negative place, just be careful of what you post so more hate doesn't come your way.

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