Sometimes we just have to be honest, and when discussing the Houston Texans right now, nobody cares what they are doing. When it really boils down to it, when your team isn’t winning, they become irrelevant. We know that is the case because yet again the Texans had a rough season winning only three games, and in a new survey they are the least popular NFL team.

The new survey was done by and reported by Fox 26 as they were looking at TikTok specifically and when ranking all 32 NFL teams they broke down the rankings through a few key metrics. The metrics included followers, likes, number of videos, the number of likes per video and the amount of money made per video.

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The Houston Texans Are Currently Rebuilding

After another tough season the owners of the Houston Texans decided to let their coach Lovie Smith go and have hired former Texans player DeMeco Ryans. Most recently he was the defensive coordinators for the San Francisco 49ers, and former Texans player J.J. Watt said he would be a great head coach for the NFL team.

@houstontexansWelcome our new head coach, DeMeco Ryans, back to H-Town ♬ original sound - Houston Texans

Houston Texans Will Be Fine As Soon As They Start Winning

When it comes to sports, winning fixes almost everything. When your team is winning you aren’t focused on anything else, and you also have the support of your fans. Right now when you mention the NFL in the great state of Texas people don’t even think about the Texans it’s all about the Cowboys. But hopefully the new coach can make the Texans relevant again. Let’s hope the least popular team on TikTok can put together more wins this upcoming season.

@houstontexans ️️️ DeMeco Ryans ♬ original sound - Houston Texans

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