Its nice to get off of work and enjoy an "adult beverage". Some folks prefer just a cold beer and some prefer top shelf drinks that aren't necessarily cheap. Now when it comes to this story, you have to wonder what these wanna be crooks were thinking as they walked inside a Houston liquor store with a plan to steal some "top shelf" liquor but walked out with next to nothing but some potential charges.


The Houston Police Department is asking for help in identifying three robbery suspects.

KHOU/ YouTube
KHOU/ YouTube

Take a look at these 3 criminal masterminds before he take you to the video of what they did. According to KHOU, surveillance video shows the three men walk into a liquor store on May 23 around 2 p.m. in the 2800 block of Katy Freeway. The trio had a plan to make off with an expensive bottle that was locked away in a display case so let's see how the crime went down.

The three men inquired about a $4,200 bottle of liquor in a locked display case, according to police.

As you can see in the video, an employee assisting the suspects removed the bottle from the display, when one of the suspects forcibly grabbed it from the employee's hands and ran out of the store. A second suspect also took a box of the same liquor from the display, but dropped it after realizing it was empty.


Houston Police provided the following descriptions of the suspects:

  • Suspect #1: Black male, white pullover, black shorts, white cap and white shoes.
  • Suspect #2: Black male, black Nike pullover, dark shorts and blue shoes.
  • Suspect #3: Black male, goatee, black jackets and blue jeans.

There's Only One Problem, These Dummies Stole A Dummy.


After causing all that ruckus and running out of the store, turns out the employee told police after the incident that the suspects only got away with a decoy bottle that's worth very little, and not an actual bottle of the $4,200 liquor they intended to take. Now they are wanted and folks all across the country are talking about this dumb crime.


If you come across anybody trying to sell you an expensive dummy bottle, contact Crime Stoppers of Houston DIRECTLY if you have any information related to this investigation. Information leading to the charging and/or arrest of any felony suspects may result in a cash payment up to $5,000. Tipsters MUST contact Crime Stoppers DIRECTLY to remain anonymous and to be considered for a cash payment by calling 713-222-TIPS (8477), submitting an online tip at or through the Crime Stoppers mobile app.

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