"You have breast cancer" were not the words I was expecting to hear as I was about to turn 40, but those were the words that the doctor said to me in November of 2016. I held on to my secret for about three months before I told anyone. This was the scariest moment in my life thus far.


Back in 2016 I was living my best life. I was the Brand Manager of Townsquare Media's Hot 107.3 Jamz, what is now known as The All New 107.3 KISS FM. I was traveling, taking my daughters on lavish trips buying them everything they ever needed and wanted.Life was really good. Then one day I was giving myself a self examination and found a lump on the top of my chest. I didn't think much of it because I was always told that the lump would be found on the side of the breast. After a few months the pea sized lump gave me some concern and I went to have it checked out. Turns out is was breast cancer. My world was turned upside down immediately.


Hearing those words is like a death sentence because that is really all I thought about from the moment the doctor said those words. My only thought was, my life can not end this way and I want to be here to raise my daughters. The next step was to hire my team of doctors and I went through 3 teams before I got to my current team.

The reason I went through so many teams was because they wanted me to do 24 rounds of chemo and 18 rounds of radiation and I refused to. I knew that would kill me, there was no way my body could have endured that. See Breast Cancer was not the first thing to attack my body. I have a brain injury as well. In 2010, I suffered a stroke after giving birth to my baby girl and had to go through a very intense rehab. I had lost my vision, my ability to walk, to talk in complete sentences and even to just comprehend what others were saying to me. Then in 2015, I experienced some heart failure, so I knew my body was not about to be able to handle what they wanted to give me.


I also felt like those teams were not listening to me the patient. They were just so use to issuing out the same treatment plan it was like a routine for them. There was this one doctor that made me look more closely at what would work for me because her attitude was so despicable. She offered no hope and everything was just so negative with her and she is the one that gave me 4 months to live. This lady looked me dead in my face and told me I would die in 4 months if I did not follow her treatment plan. I looked her back in the face and said I'll take my chances.

To make a long story longer, I'll cut to the chase. I was in Nassau, Bahamas on business and met a lady that survived pancreatic cancer twice. Not only did she share her secret with me, she made it for me and I took it while I was on the island. At that time it was illegal in the United States but since then things have changed and I see people selling it here in the States now. The lady gave me 5 ounces of a drink with the main ingredient being SourSop. It is a fruit that grows in the Caribbean. It can also be found in Mexico but under a different name. When I tell you adding this to my diet has done wonders, really that is an understatement.


When I came back to the States for my appointment, my team of doctors were so shocked. They were looking at my labs in amazement. I remember her saying that she didn't know what I had been doing but there was no need for us to discuss chemo or radiation and the only thing left to do was a mastectomy if I wanted to. I chose to do a double mastectomy just to slim my chances of it coming back in my breast area.


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