Tyrone Hankerson Jr.’s has made national headlines after being accused of embezzling $429,000 from Howard University’s financial aid department.  Tyrone says he is innocent of the allegations and planning on suing the University for $10 million dollars.

CBS News reports, in a sit-down interview with Tyrone was a student employee in the Financial Aid Office and during an interview with Roland Martin he claims he has become a victim of bullying and harassment which caused him to seek a therapist.  His attorney James Walker made a request that the university apologize to his client.

What's more troubling to me is that Howard hasn't come out and apologized to this young man – this could be anyone's son, nephew, brother. Regardless, Howard should have come out and said we're sorry, this should not have happened, his file should not have gotten leaked. The university has a chance here to show how they operate and run the university and how they move swiftly to fix a problem. The reason students are protesting is because they feel like every one of their issues, every one of their demands over the years are not met in a sufficient or quick or swift manner.

Wayne Frederick president of Howard University claims he was aware of the situation in December of 2016 of the scandal between 2007 and 2016 and after investigation and auditing six employees were terminated in September 2017.

Students of the university has been protesting the over the mishap and has made history from the protests of 1968 and 1999.