It’s always fun to think about what else we could add to Tyler, Texas or other businesses we would love to see pop up in East Texas but I have an idea that I think everyone would love. We all know that there are lots of delicious food options in East Texas, and some of those options don’t include a store front locations. So, why not have a dedicated food truck area so we know where our favorite food trucks will be located at all times? 

We’ve all heard about things like this in other cities, and everyone knows that East Texas has some tremendous food truck options so why not have a location for food trucks to have a permanent spot? While I do understand it’s nice to see the different food trucks venture to different smaller towns across East Texas it would be great to know exactly where they will be located. 

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Right Now You Have to Search Online 

Currently if there is a specific food truck you are wanting for lunch or dinner you have to look them up online and see where they are going to be that day or upcoming days. If we have a dedicated food truck park that eliminates some of the confusion. 

Food Truck Park in East Texas Would Be Great 

The only question is where would the best spot be for a food truck park in East Texas? I would think the east side of Tyler near 31 would be good, but I’m sure there are tons of other locations that would be great. What do you think? Would you support a food truck park in East Texas? 

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