The sign that featured an exploding volcano, blinking lights and glowing neon along Highway 155 is now for sale.

The Fire Mountain Amusements sign once glowed bright along Highway 155 just outside of Tyler, but hasn't seen the charge of electricity for the past few years after the amusement park closed down.

This was once a destination for East Texas families to go have some fun! Whether it was riding the go karts, bumper boats, Scrambler, Zipper, playing mini golf or spending countless quarters playing video games and Skee-Ball winning tickets to trade in for prizes there was a lot of fun and memories made there for thousands of East Texas families. I remember taking my daughter there when she was little riding the go karts with her because she was too little to reach the pedals, but a few years later she was out there zipping around the kiddie track in her very own kiddie go kart!

I'm not really sure why the amusement park suddenly closed down in 2015.  According to the Tyler Paper, a message was posted on the Facebook page saying they were closed and now the defunct amusement park is just a memory now. Since closing, all the rides have been removed and all that remains are the buildings, mini golf course, go kart track and the Fire Mountain Amusements sign, which will be removed and sold soon.

According to a listing by Clayton Vickers in the Tyler Texas Online Garage Sale Facebook page, the iconic sign is now for sale.

Clayton Vickers via Facebook
Clayton Vickers via Facebook

As you can see the listed price is $5,000! If my wife would allow me to, I wouldn't mind buying it and add some juice to it to bring it back to life but my wife and my neighbors probably wouldn't like it that much!

Let's just hope who ever ends up buying it puts it to great use, like on the site of a new Fire Mountain Amusements site in East Texas!

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