The other day I took my 8-year-old daughter, Willow, to the library. While we were in the Children's' section, I noticed this adorable children's book, Charro Claus and the Tejas Kid by Xavier Garza.

Xavier Garza via Amazon
Xavier Garza via Amazon

It was such a fun read (and I love the tie-in to the Rio Grande). I won't tell you everything that happens in the story, but I will do a spoiler alert and tell you that Santa Claus has a Mexican cousin named Pancho. Santa asks Pancho for some help delivering presents to boys and girls living in the Rio Grande region. Santa bestows some of his magical Santa powers to Pancho and the rest you'll have to read for yourself. This book had me laughing loudly in the library! I even got a stern look from one of the librarians and got "shushed" by several nearby kids. What meanies!

Anyway, I want to tell the entire world about this book because I loved reading it so much!

I just had a random thought: If Santa Claus lived in East Texas instead of the North Pole, what kind of car would he drive?

I think if Santa lived in East Texas, he would try to stand out from everybody else in town driving trucks and SUVs. In my mind, Texas Santa would drive an old hoopty, like an old 1985 brown two-door Buick LeSabre. He would have car hydraulics and some rim spinners on it, too. The neighbors hate him because he's got the song "Christmas in Hollis" on loop in his front yard and way too many Christmas lights. He gets pulled over all the time by the Tyler-City PD for trying to drag race in the middle of the night on the Loop, but since he's Santa, they always let him off with a warning or two. Mrs. Claus is actually Santa's THIRD wife, so she's pretty cool with the hoopty and low-rider lifestyle, as long as she gets to show off all her new tats and belly piercings. She is a boudoir photographer on the side, so she's always giving out business cards at the car shows.

Welp, that concludes my East Texas Santa story of the day!

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