Just imagine for a second that you’re asleep in bed and you hear the doorbell ring, you look at your phone and see that it’s just after 11pm. It’s clear that you’re not expecting anyone but the doorbell rings again. Do you get up and answer the door to find out what is going on or just let it go and try to go back to sleep?  

That was the issue that I dealt with last night. It was around 11:15pm and the doorbell rang three times in a short period of time which makes me think something serious was going on. After throwing on a shirt and getting the dogs to calm down I answered the door.  

It was a teenager who was wearing a Dairy Queen shirt who said he just ran out of gas and his cell phone died. He asked me to use my phone to call his mom. I was a little skeptical but I wanted to help the guy out so I got my phone and let him call his mom, she was not excited but said she was on her way.  

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Hearing Other Stories Made Me Almost Not Help This Stranded Teenager 

I’ve heard so many stories about people borrowing a phone and running off, or someone knocking on a door just to see if someone was home, I almost didn’t answer the door to help this teenager. It’s sad that so many stories like this have happened, but I’m still glad I could help this stranded driver. 

What Would You Do If Someone Knocked At Your Door at 11pm? 

Would you open the door to see what was going on, or would you try to sleep through the doorbell ringing? And why didn’t the teenager have a cell phone charger in his car to charge his phone in case a situation like this happened? What a unusual way to wake up in the middle of the night.  

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