I talk about it all the time, dogs make life better. After a long day at work there is nothing better than returning home to a happy dog who has been waiting all day to show you love and affection. These dogs want nothing more than to make you happy. But recently there was a 10-year-old that helped save a dog and that boy deserves some praise for his life saving efforts. 

It was just last month that a storm rolled through the Temple, Texas area and 10-year-old Antonio Thomas was leaving for school. According to WFAA, that is when Thomas started hearing a dog barking. Unfortunately, his neighborhood had been known for people dumping their dogs so he didn’t pay attention to the barking at first. But After school Thomas was still hearing the same barking and he knew he had to do something. 

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After School He Told His Mom 

Antonio returned home from school and heard the same barking so he told his mom he was going to check around for the dog. That’s when he found the scared pup who was basically tied in a knot. The boy rushed home to tell his mom and they quickly found scissors to cut the dog free. The dog was in an isolated area difficult to find but her bark probably saved her life.  

What Happened to the Dog? 

Antonio’s mom Amber brought the dog inside where they gave her a bath and trimmed her nails. The family wasn’t planning on keeping the dog but they knew that was their dog. So, now Cookie is their newest family member.  

Way to go, Antonio! 

And please remember to adopt not shop when you’re looking for a new pet.  

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