It wasn’t long ago that we were moving out and finding our own place to live. Okay, let’s not count how long ago that was but during that time we all stressed about not having furniture because all of our cash was wrapped up in moving costs. Recently there was a woman who posted on a Tyler, TX social media site asking for suggestions on where to go for inexpensive furniture around Tyler and she got over 100 responses. 

It’s just another example of people helping others in East Texas, I can promise you this type of thing doesn’t happen everywhere. There truly are some remarkable people here in our area. But I wanted to share some of the comments that were made that way if you are looking for furniture that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg you know where to go too. 

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Be Careful If You’re Buying Furniture Online 

We all have heard horror stories about online sales going wrong, so if possible, try to meet anyone you plan on buying something from at a safe space such as a local police department. Also, make sure you have a friend with you when you’re doing any transaction with someone you met online. 

Some Furniture Suggestions Include Places to Avoid  

I’m not trying to throw shade at any businesses but there were some recommendations made about furniture and places to avoid buying from around Tyler. I’m just trying to help with the suggestions made by locals in regards of where they think you can find the best furniture for a good deal. 

Places Selling Inexpensive Furniture Around Tyler, TX

Locals are suggesting your best options for purchasing inexpensive furniture near Tyler, Texas

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