A Pitcher is worth a thousand words today as the globe celebrates beer drinking, pubs, breweries and backyard kickbacks!

Raise your mugs! Today beer lovers all over the world are rejoicing in the name of great beer.  Whether you like American Lager, Amber American Lager or Traditional Bock, there's a beer for every to enjoy this Friday.

Me, personally? I don't always drink beer... but when I do, I drink Dos Equis.... or a really cold Chang Classic (Thai beer) Today I encourage you NOT to be like me, but to expand your international beer horizons! Fortune Magazine has recommended the following beers for you to try today:

Delirium Tremens - Beer brewed in Belgium. A slightly strong, pale ale-style beer with a very strong, dry aftertaste.

Hitachino Nest - Brewed in Japan. A Blegian-stylee beer with mild flavors of coriander, orange peel and nutmeg. It's easy to drink and refreshing.

Narke kaggen Stormaktsporter Borb'nahallon - A Swedish beer that's brewed with raspberries. A Russian-style Imperial Stout with strong chocolate, coffee, berry and bourbon flavors.

One of the staples of any city in East Texas is a really good bar with a friendly environment. Wind down in one of your favorite local watering holes and try a beer you've never drank before. And as always... drink responsibly. Happy International Beer Day, East Texas!


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