We all know that you can’t always believe everything that you hear on social media but there was one post that was going around earlier this week that caught my eye. It was from a woman who works in Tyler at a business that is located on the Loop and near 5th Street. The woman claims that the business she is employed by is dealing with gas being stolen out of their work vehicle. 

The last thing anyone in East Texas needs to deal with right now is someone who is trying to drill into gas tanks in hopes of stealing the half-tank that is sitting there. We know that crime and theft happens everywhere but Texans will not take it lightly if they catch someone trying to steal from them. I truly hope this isn’t happening because it’s only a matter of time before the thief is caught.  

Social Media Isn’t Believing the Theft Claim 

There were many people on social media that were quick to second guess the post on a Tyler, Texas social media page. Saying, the story sounds sketchy, also drilling into gas tanks can be very dangerous and wouldn’t be worth the risk of a few dollars in gasoline. 

Is Gas Theft Happening in Tyler, Texas? 

At this point, we only have this one claim of gasoline theft in Tyler, if we hear of more cases like this, we will be sure to pass the information along. But let’s hope this was a mistake and no gasoline is actually being stolen here in our community.  

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