We all have heard it over the years, but is it real or just a myth? I’m talking about driving barefoot, I remember people saying that it was illegal when I was a kid and the reasoning behind it was because you're more likely to have your foot slip off the pedal without a shoe on your foot. But did you know that there is no law against driving barefoot in the state of Texas? 

According to KPRC, and a Texas law firm there are no laws currently that prevent Texans from driving barefoot. Although, you should do whatever makes you the safest behind the wheel. The reason I bring that up is because I was in a car accident one time and had to wait for 30 minutes in the snow as a tow truck driver had to tow my vehicle away. Just remember you never know what could happen, so try to be ready for anything that could happen.  

Driving barefoot
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When Did the Barefoot Driving Myth Begin? 

The myth that driving barefoot was illegal has been around since the Great Depression toward the end of 1929. Back in those days bare feet was a sign of poverty, and car ownership became more common, new drivers were warned about possible consequences of driving barefoot.  

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