It was announced that every household in the United States could order four free COVID-19 home tests to be delivered to your home. As with anything government oriented, the process is never quick and easy. I am glad to say that ordering these tests is actually very quick and easy with zero red tape to cut through.

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I remember when Obamacare launched in 2012, I think, and I hopped on to see if I could find coverage. At that time I was working for another radio station that didn't offer health insurance. I got on the website and, oh boy, it was an absolute nightmare to navigate. I eventually gave up and never signed up.

So I was certainly skeptical when it was announced that we could order four free COVID-19 home tests. I decided to give it a shot so if it was a disaster, I could let you know and hopefully find a way to help you work through some of the obstacles. I was very, VERY surprised to find that it took me literally two minutes to get it done.

First off, I went and was greeted with this home screen.

I clicked on the "Order Free At-Home Tests" button which took me to the next page. Here I was asked to fill out my first and last name, email address and shipping address. I then clicked on "Check Out Now."

When I clicked on "Check Out Now", a confirmation page popped up just to make sure all my information was correct. I then clicked on "Place Order Now."

And Boom! I was done as I got this confirmation page.

I even got an email a couple of minutes after getting that confirmation with the same information.

Something quick and easy with no red tape from our government. I know, I can't believe I'm saying that either. I did notice, however, that it said the tests wouldn't ship out until late January and could take 10-12 days for them to arrive. So maybe that's the not so quick and easy about this process.

But hey, if you are wanting or needing some at-home COVID-19 testing kits, hop on and get your four ordered now.

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