If you are a pilot or know a pilot or anyone who really loves flying you have to show them this unique home for sale in Fort Worth, Texas. This is one of those homes that you don't see for sale very often but what a cool piece of real estate that someone is going to own. We are talking about a home that is over an airplane hangar located at 632 Aviation Drive in Fort Worth, Texas.

It's in the northeast portion of Fort Worth and almost attached to Hicks Airfield. Could you imagine what your friends and family would say when they see you living here, this has to be one of the coolest properties I've ever seen. Obviously, before purchasing this home you might want to see if you're okay with the noise of planes taking off and landing all the time. But anyone who makes an offer on this home has to have aviation as a big time hobby, so I'm guessing that won't be an issue.

Let's talk more about the home over the hangar in Fort Worth

The list price for this home is $699,000 and comes with 2 bedrooms and 3 and a half bathrooms. It's a total of 7,542 square feet and that does include the hangar portion of the home. The property has been listed for a little over a month and comes with a three car garage. This property was built in 2009 and has unique amenities that you wont find elsewhere.

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Beyond an Airplane Hangar This Property Also Has an Elevator

After you get done flying you don't need to climb stairs just take the elevator in this home. There is updated flooring, steel appliances, custom cabinets, and even has a spiral staircase as you will see in the photos below. You wont find another house like this, I would guess that it wont stay on the market for long.

Just look at the photos of this stunning place:

Home Over the Airplane Hangar in Fort Worth, Texas

This is one of the most unique and awesome homes as it is actually above an airplane hangar sitting next to Hicks Airfield

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