Justin Timberlake's mugshot has been transformed into art in the very place where he was arrested for a DWI in June.

According to Page Six, a painting of the singer's mugshot titled "Tuesday Night Out featuring Justin Timberlake" has been displayed at the Romany Kramoris Gallery in Sag Harbor in the Hamptons.

Since the piece went up, lines have reportedly been extra-long and many people have taken photos of the art.

"My reaction was, 'Oh my God!' That’s great! It’s just great!" gallery owner Romany Kramoris told the outlet of the moment when artist Godfrey Lohman showed him the limited edition work.

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"[Timberlake’s recent mugshot] is our most contemporary piece! It’s au courant," gallery staff member Leslie Raff commented.

The piece is available in pink, green and blue and is being sold at $520 at the 44-year-old gallery.

"The green one is not my favorite. He looks a little sickly, too many martinis on the green one," Kramoris joked.

Notably, a bartender at the American Hotel two doors down from the art gallery revealed that he served Timberlake a martini the night he was arrested.

"[Some people] are so excited, the young ones especially… it’s happy! I certainly appreciate it in my store. The fact that I have the picture is happy. The incident wasn’t so much," Kramoris said of the public's reaction to the piece.

"Some [in the community] raised their eyebrows, and say, 'Oh, you’ve got that,' when they see the image in the gallery," she said of the people who aren't so amused by the artwork.

However, "a lot of people are coming back" and the gallery has sold "two or three" of the pieces already.

Timberlake was arrested in Sag Harbor on June 18 after being pulled over by police.

He was released the following morning and subsequently resumed his concert tour after reportedly quipping that the arrest would "ruin the world tour."

More recently, the pop star poked fun at his arrest on stage in Boston by asking the audience if anyone was driving that night, only to quickly add that he was "just kidding."

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