The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world, and now an analyst says that Jerry Jones may be selling the team.

If you know anything about the Dallas Cowboys, you know that every decision made within the organization stops on Jerry's desk, and if anyone would give the "green light" to sell it would be Jerry Jones.

Now, let's get the outlandish "take" or prediction by FS1 Analyst Craig Carton. He is known for his wild predictions and often inaccurate takes, and now the sports analyst predicts that the Jones family will sell the Cowboys.

Jerry Jones
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Let's note here that the sports world is stale until NFL teams report to camp, thus sports journalists are digging, and Mr. Carlton may have dug the deepest hole of all journalists. He says that he believes Jerry Jones plans to sell "America's Team" to a group of investors in Saudi Arabia.

if you aren't aware, the Dallas Cowboys are worth approximately $9.2 Billion.

And while that is a lot of money, Jerry's ego is much larger than his team's value, thus I don't ever see the Jones family cutting ties with the Dallas Cowboys, especially to someone or a group that is abroad.

Keep in mind, that the NFL owners would have to agree to any sale, and I just don't think the NFL is ready to do business with the Middle East just yet. Now, if the rumor had Jones tied to investors in Mexico or Europe, then I would entertain the prediction, but for now, I just don't see Jerry selling to investors from Saudi Arabia.

So for now, let's just look at the Dallas Cowboys training camp that starts on Tuesday, July 23 in California.


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