Is anybody else in the state of Texas just outright tired of feeling like they're melting when they step outside? Look, it takes a lot for some of us to step outside and brave the triple digit temperatures. Not all of us are built for the heat!

The area around us is also affected, and generally, can bring down our general mood. Seeing the grass be the color brown, the drastic reduction in rainfall, and so many different things are changed by the Texas heat. However, many have wondered, if at all, there will be cooldown in the Lone Star State.

Thankfully, that cooldown many have thought about is coming very, very soon. Quite frankly, many have cause to now celebrate.

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Let's Celebrate Cool Temps In Texas

So taking a look at KWTX and their future forecast. it shows something truly magical. Temps under the threshold of 90 degrees? Rain chances? Mornings feeling like Fall???

Is this heaven or have we finally reached fall in Texas? Well, let's look around the state to see if it's just us in Central Texas who are excited:

Nope, it doesn't look like we're the only ones who are just overjoyed at the thought! I mean, just imagine laying out by the pool in 85 degree weather. Oh how that sounds like heaven doesn't it?

Hopefully though, there is much more rain coming in the forecast, I think some of us have forgotten how the rain has looked haven't we?

However, Let's Enjoy This While We Have It

Apparently, the 2023 Texas winter is supposed to be colder than usual. Oh no...

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