What exactly is the best & worst city in Texas? That's a question that will never have a definitive answer; everyone's opinion is different due to many factors: living conditions, crime, weather, etc.

However, that doesn't stop people from posting their OWN opinions and putting them into their own tier lists. In one tier list that ranks the top 99 American cities, a few Texas cities received high honors. While others...didn't.

What are the best-ranked Texas cities according to Tiermaker?

In one of the most popular tier lists on Tiermaker called "Top 99 American Cities Tier List Community Rankings", they took the average rankings and made a comprehensive list of what the people say are the best cities.

While none were in the "S" tier, a few did make the "A" tier: Austin & Dallas were the highest-ranking cities.

  • In the "B" tier we have 1 single city: Houston
  • In "C" tier; we have 2: San Antonio & Fort Worth.
  • No cities made the "F" tier but 2 were in the "D" tier: Arlington & El Paso. (I know it's hard to compare to Dallas or Austin but I think we should've at least gotten the C tier...)

Of course, there are people who disagree with this tier list; many people have made their own with much different results on Tiermaker's website. One person even put their tier list on YouTube with a very interesting pick in the "F" tier & a VERY interesting pick in the "S" tier. (No it's not Dallas or Austin)

So as I go back to my original question: "What is the best & worst place in Texas?." We'll never truly know. But...it certainly is one of those questions that once it's asked, people will certainly give you their honest opinion about it.

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