Guy Fieri, Ethan Hawke, Sandra Bollock all own their restaurants that you can find in Texas. But they're not the only celebrities that own their very own restaurants, some famous Texas musicians have done the same. Some you probably never even knew were owned by music royalty. While you're planning your next road trip, look out for these food places.

Here are some restaurants owned by famous Texas musicians

You don't need to stay in Texas to see some restaurants owned by Texas celebrities; in fact, as we'll see, sometimes if you travel to the Midwest or further North, you'll find some places that have some Lone Star owners. Including one historic place that's been around since the late 1800s that's partly owned by probably one of the biggest names in Texas rock music.

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Next time you stop & eat, keep your eyes open for these places around the United States that are owned by some huge Texas musicians. Including one in Montana that's owned by, arguably, one of the biggest names in Texas music.

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Some other Texas artists that have their own restaurants include DJ Sober. He owns his own burger chain in Dallas called Herby's Burgers.

Even Willie Nelson at one point owned his own restaurant in Austin called Willie Nelson's Lighthouse. Even today he's the owner of a Texas Roadhouse (not the whole chain) in South Austin. You can find that particular one at 9300 S I-35 Frontage Rd Bldg. F, Austin, TX 78748.

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Of course there are more establishments that are owned by Texas musicians; you can see local bars around El Paso that you never knew were owned by local musicians here. You can also see a strong contender for "most rocking restaurant" in Texas; read about the restaurant that the guys from the band KISS own here.

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Texas Celebrities That Have Their Own Alcohol Brands

From movie stars to famous musicians, we have seen many famous Texas celebrities start up their own brands of alcohol. Some are lovers of bourbons, others love the taste of wine, others can't get enough of tequila or whiskey. But whatever their taste, all of these brands are all associated with Texas.

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