Joe Biden is ready to state his claim for being president of the United States.

With so much going with the COVID-19 pandemic Joe Biden still has his sights set on the White House with the election still set to take place in November he is ready to debate President Trump.

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The coronavirus has definitely taken a toll on the way either candidate can campaign to state their case for the presidency of the United State since neither can hold rally's and there is no telling when things will get back to normal, but Joe Biden is offering a solution.

Yahoo News has reported the former Vice President is ready to debate President Trump either in person or virtually.

While hosting an online fundraiser on Thursday (April 23rd) he told his supporters he couldn't wait to debate him.

I can hardly wait to debate Donald Trump. I'm ready to debate him. Zoom or Skype or Slack or Hangouts or in person, anytime, anywhere he wants.

The last debate Biden was involved in was between Bernie Sanders was March 15th with no audience and using social distancing guidelines of 6 ft. apart.

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