School is back in session!  Or is it.....

Pretty soon it will be back to school time for our children and instead of wondering where to shop for school supplies many are wondering whether to allow their kids to go back to school due to COVID-19.

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The problem has been an issue as federal, state, and local officials are trying to find solutions for concerned parents while some officials including President Trump are urging kids to return back to school.

However, most Americans are not too eager to let their children return back to school as a new study found that only 10 percent of Americans think schools, daycare centers, and preschools should reopen without restrictions this fall per the Associated Press.

The poll study from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs continued to say there need to be face masks required and other safety measures while 30 percent of Americans say there shouldn't be children in classrooms at all.

Now if you want to send your kids back to school, but under major safety adjustments you fall in line with the rest of the 46 percent while 14 percent say they only need to make minor adjustments.

While Tyler ISD, announced their 2020-2021 academic calendar and plan to start classes in August I would be rather shocked to see parents sending their children to school while COVID-19 isn't fully under control as the number or confirmed cases continue to rise in the state of Texas.

I still can't understand why the urgency to send kids back to school during the COVID-19 pandemic is a priority while the Governor's Mansion in Texas is currently closed for tours while adhering the CDC’s health standards.

Yet, it's ok for kids to go back to school?

Will you send your children back to school this fall?

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