The family of a man who was the victim of a Halloween night Hit-and-Run incident in Tyler, Texas is suing the person suspected of committing the crime.

A young man was leaving a Halloween party late when he was struck in a hit-and-run incident that left him in dire need of medical care. If you're not familiar with the story we shared back in early November, you can access that here.

At the time that post was written, the victim's mother was sharing a plea for help in an effort to find the person who left her son on the side of the road so seriously injured.

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Twenty-year-old Noah Mireles was walking with a friend to his car after a party in the Cascades Neighborhood of Tyler, Texas, still wearing his inflatable dinosaur costume when a driver struck him and drove off. As you can see in the photos the family shared on the GoFundMe they set up to help with the medical expenses, his injuries were serious. They had to literally cut the young man out of his costume the injuries were so bad. He spent several days in the hospital.

Photo: Screenshot from KETK/FOX 51 Video News Story, Noah Mireles GoFundMe
Photo: Screenshot from KETK/FOX 51 Video News Story, Noah Mireles GoFundMe

Please consider visiting his GoFundMe page to learn more and consider giving to support this family in their time of need.

Last week, we learned that authorities discovered who was driving the vehicle that hit Noah Mireles in Tyler, Texas that night.

According to a report from KETK, Tyler Police, who have been thanked by the Mireles family for their help in the matter, "did confirm that a 16-year-juvenile has been charged with accident involving injury in relation to this case."

And now, a lawyer for the Mireles family has confirmed they are suing the suspect via a press release from his firm. The family's lawyer, Shane McGuire, told KETK in regard to the incident:

"“It is unconscionable for someone to run over a young man, causing significant injuries, and simply drive away without at least calling for medical help.


Noah now has not only expensive medical bills and the need for ongoing treatment but also the pain and horror of being left for dead on the side of the road."

Once again, the GoFundMe for Noah Mireles and his family can be found here.

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