When I hear about K-9 officer Drogon in Kilgore, Texas getting more drugs and guns off the streets I'm so happy for him. He is doing a wonderful job at keeping Kilgore as safe as possible for it's residents. At the same time, I also like to post information about what he finds as a reminder to all criminals out there. If you bring drugs or guns to Kilgore it's only a matter of time until K-9 officer Drogon find it and you will be charged.

Just earlier this week Officer Taylor conducted a traffic stop on the 700 block of US HWY 259 for a simple traffic violation, or that's how it started. After a short conversation officer Taylor believed the driver was hiding something in his vehicle. The driver consented to the search of his person but would not give consent to the search of his vehicle. But Officer Taylor had K-9 Drogon with him and he performed a free air sniff around the outside of the vehicle.

K-9 Officer Drogon Made a Positive Alert on the Suspect Vehicle

Obviously, there was a reason that the suspected didn't want the officer searching his vehicle, but the canine officer did make a positive alert on the vehicle. At that point a vehicle search began and it didn't take long to find illegal items.

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What Illegal Items Were Found in the Suspect Vehicle in Kilgore?

The items found by law enforcement include a Keltec 9mm pistol, "crack" cocaine, and drug paraphernalia. At that point the driver was placed under arrest and it was then found that he is a convicted felon. The suspect is now facing charges for the unlawful possession of the gun and charges for the drugs found in the vehicle.

Thank you Kilgore Police Department for doing your best to keep drugs and illegal firearms off the streets. Good Boy K-9 Drogon. And lastly, as the Kilgore Police Department put it best when posting online, to all the drug dealers out there K-9 Drogon sends his love and will see you soon.

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