Who said Black girls don't down and dirty?

Who said Black girls don't run? Perhaps they  have never heard of the Dirty Divas, a six-member female team of African American women who gladly take on a mud pie throwing, muddy water wading, clay mountain climbing, obstacle course all in the name of sisterhood, fitness, and FUN! For the second year, my team and I have blown that myth outta the muddy water by participating in the The 2017 Run It Like It's Hot Miracle Mud 5K Run.  And MAN, do we have a blast doing so!

2017 Mud Run1
2017 Mud Run

The Dirty Diva team consists of six runners and three supporters. We began the morning stretching and getting hyped up by the Dirty Diva cheerleaders, who are 100% opposed to taking the muddy road less traveled, but have an unwavering support for the crew.  We took the fourth heat, which began at 8:30 to avoid the hottest part of the day. Mud crawling, hanging suspension, and balancing beams were just a few obstacles between the start and finish line we crossed just before 10 a.m. No man left behind. Check out some of the obstacles.

The feeling of completing a physically challenging task with a relentless team of strong women is indescribable. Seizing an opportunity to help physically challenged children? PRICELESS! Money from the mud run goes to The Miracle League of East Texas. See more of the Run It Like Its Hot Mud Run and find out what the Miracle League of East Texas is bringing to Longview. 

Each year, we have concluded the race certain of two things... 1. We're filthy and tired as heck. 2. We can't wait to do it all over again next year! Stay tuned.... 2018 date coming soon.


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