Kelis is so over her divorce from Nas. The singer, rocking a curve-hugging red dress on the cover of The Guardian Guide, opens up about her 2009 separation from the rapper in the new issue.

The 'Food' creator says that she's ready to move on with her life.

"I’ve been divorced for almost five years; it’s over, I’m over it," she revealed. "But what I would say is that last year I was made more aware of it because my ex-husband decided to talk about stuff that I hadn’t shared with the world. He slipped my wedding dress on to his album cover [2012's 'Life Is Good'], so now I have to talk about it! I had no idea it was happening, I was like, ‘What the…?’ But it didn’t affect my life. I’m not living that life now. I’m super-content and at peace."

Nas famously held Kelis' green wedding dress on the cover of his 'Life Is Good' album. The two married in 2005, and divorced four years later after rumors of infidelity. ‪"Man, if you're happy," Nas said to MTV in 2012. "Love is a beast. Hold on, be prepared for any way it may go, and be honest." ‪

In 2010, Kelis expressed confusion to The Boombox as to the public's fascination with the hip-hop and R&B split. “I know that people are trying to be in my business, but they’re really not. I don’t read anything that people say about me, and the people around me are real friends.”

The songstress recently debuted the video for 'Jerk Ribs,' a song featured on her sixth studio album, 'Food.' The album is due April 22. And keeping with the theme of food, Kelis stars in her own cooking show, 'Saucy and Sweet,' on the Cooking Channel.