For many people here in the great state of Texas hunting is a way of life. And let’s be honest with the prices of everything going up so quickly that if you can harvest an animal and fill your freezer, that is ideal. That is why I thought it was so generous and helpful for local law enforcement (Kilgore Police Department) were so helpful with the Snipe Hunting tips they released on Facebook.  

Just like with any hunting trip you will want to remember, safety first. Before you plan your hunting trip you will probably want to check with a Texan who has been hunting for a while so they can make sure you know the best area to hunt for Snipe. The last thing you want to do is spend hours out in the wild searching around and not find anything. 

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Helpful Tips from Kilgore Police Department Regarding Hunting Snipe 

According to the KPD the official Snipe season in Texas is July 1st through July 31st. Remember the nightly bag limit is 2, and you can only hunt mature snipes. Flashlights are permitted while hunting, but the use of spotlights are prohibited. You are NOT allowed to hunt snipes from a vehicle. As always, fabric and paper bags only, no plastic bags. Game wardens will be enforcing these rules, no exceptions. 

Snipe Hunting Always Creates Some Fantastic Memories 

Going out Snipe hunting will be something you remember for the rest of your life. The stories will be told for years and years. If you’re new to Texas or just want to create some memories let your hunting buddies know you want to go snipe hunting... I can promise they will be willing to help you with your hunting.  

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