Beyond the job growth it's always exciting when new businesses decide to open their doors, that means new shopping opportunities. Often times that also means less driving to similar stores for the same items. Which is why it was fun to see Kilgore locals getting excited on social media as someone posted about a new business opening. While the source of the information is unconfirmed there are rumors that Big Lots is opening soon in Kilgore, Texas.

While looking at the Big Lots website there isn't any information regarding a new store opening in Kilgore, but often times that information isn't updated until the location actually opens it's doors. The details regarding these rumors came from a Kilgore resident who spoke with construction workers who are currently assigned to getting the building ready for opening.

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Where Will the New Big Lots Be Located in Kilgore, Texas?

The details posted online state that the new Big Lots store will be located where the old Burkes Outlet and Stage stores were located at Midtown Plaza. Obviously, with so few details being released at this time there is no word on an opening date yet.

One Kilgore Local Is Holding on to Hope That It Will Become a HEB Plus

While most people are happy about this rumored Big Lots location, there are some people that are still dreaming that this location will become an HEB plus. One person even said online that "they're trying to keep it a secret". While many people would be jumping for joy if an HEB Plus opened in Kilgore, don't expect that to happen anytime soon. But there will be a Big Lots!

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