Killer Mike took a major “L” on Sunday (April 8) after he tried to come for MSNBC host and journalist Joy Reid.

On Saturday (April 7), Reid, who is the host of AM Joy, went on her Instagram page and posted a photo of herself and her glam squad. "And not to be outdone... @glamluxxe and Cynthia, who rocked the H&M for our Elgin Baylor shoot!" she wrote in the caption.

Killer Mike spotted the photo and noticed "the H&M" in the caption and thought that Reid was saluting H&M, the clothing retailer who came under fire last January for an ad that featured a black child wearing a hoodie with the words “coolest monkey in the jungle” etched on the front.

"I guess the H&M protest has ended huh black people. LoL," he wrote in a now-deleted tweet in response to Reid's photo.

But, unfortunately for Killer Mike, that wasn't the case. Reid delivered a clap back of all clap backs to the Run the Jewels rapper that will forever reign on social media. Read it below:

Now that's a clap...back!

We must also mentioned that Reid was among the outspoken critics of Mike's appearance in the NRA video last month. So clearly, Mike thought he caught Reid slipping on IG and tried to bring her down a peg.

Mike has since apologized to Reid for his ill-advised tweet, writing, "So egg on my face and all I’m happy that the convo on #BlackGunOwnerShip will happen. Thank u @JoyAnnReid for “getting me together” on H&M and making sure this important convo can be had on an acceptable platform."

But Black Twitter wasn't done with Mike just yet. Hundreds of people jumped on his timeline and dragged him to smithereens for coming at Joy Reid.

"You can’t spell “Killer Mike” without two L’s," tweeted one person.

Another commenter wrote, "Killer Mike just another dumb nigga who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. First even COMPARING supporting H&M to supporting the NRA. Then being wrong as fuck about it because of piss poor reading comprehension skills."

Check out more reactions to Killer Mike's reading snafu below.

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