As a kid I was encouraged to read by teachers, but I never seemed to find that really enjoyable book that piqued my interest. As an adult, if I can find time to get away from the responsibilities of adulting to read a book that is a dream come true. Reading really can be so much fun as soon as you find a book that you’re interested in reading. If you have a kid who loves to read or needs to find a book to get them interested I would highly suggest stopping by the 2nd Annual Lattes for Literacy going on in Lindale, Texas. 

The event is scheduled for this Saturday, September 16th, 2023, from 10:00am until Noon. The interactive story hour event is being presented by The East Texas Educators Association. The event will be at Lillie Russell Memorial Library at 200 East Hubbard Street in Lindale, Texas 75771.  

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What Can You Expect at the Lattes for Literacy Event? 

This story hour event is open to everyone and will include crafts, prizes and you can grab a free cup of school supplies provided by Credit Union of Texas. 

All You Have to Do is Show Up 

You don’t need to register for the event, you just need to show up and be excited to read some books. There is no age limit so any kid who enjoys reading or wants to enjoy story hour is welcome. Books can often open the imagination of many children, so plan to take the kids to have some fun on Saturday morning in Lindale. 

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