It may be difficult to imagine Jennifer Lopez in a law office, or to picture Gwen Stefani working the counter at Dairy Queen. But those who strive to work in creative fields are often forced to take on an odd job or two at some point, and comedian Leslie Jones takes the ultimate prize for Weirdest Pre-Fame Job. The star of the upcoming Ghostbusters movie says she worked as a telemarketer for Scientology long before landing her role on Saturday Night Live.

During an Ellen DeGeneres Show interview with her fellow Ghostbusters co-stars -- Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy -- Jones admitted to working for the controversial organization.

"Uh, yeah, they kinda still don’t know I’m not a Scientologist,” she said. "Thanks for blowing my cover, Ellen."

Jones went on to explain she took the job out of pure necessity. "I lived in Glendale, I needed to pay the rent and it was a very easy interview. I just acted crazy," she said before adding, "Oh my god, I'm sorry, Scientologists, for revealing things."

McKinnon and Wiig also revealed their weirdest pre-fame jobs -- little league umpire and peach-seller at a farmers market, respectively -- but they pale in comparison to Jones’ answer. She probably should've gone last.

Watch the Ghostbusters cast visit The Ellen Show above.

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