Going to the bar after a long work day or week is something that has been taught to us by television and movies for years. It’s a way for adults to forget about some of the stresses in their life and just have a good time with other adults. And there is something special about going to a location that has been open for decades and a combination of the staff and atmosphere makes people want to come back for more. It the state of Texas there are lots of bars that have been around for a long time and after searching around I found a list of 8 of the oldest bars in Texas. 

Just because a bar is old doesn’t mean it’s the best, but there is something that keeps people coming back even when it’s not the closest watering hole to their home. Each of the Texas bars listed below bring a certain charm that people love which is how they have been able to keep the doors open for so long. 

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The Oldest Bars in Texas Are Spread Out Across the State 

If you’re thinking the oldest bars are just in the big cities you are mostly correct, but some are in smaller towns. But as you will see below the oldest bars aren’t in one area of Texas they are spread out.  

Visit All of the Oldest Bars in Texas Responsibly 

If you’re planning to visit one or all of the oldest bars in Texas, have fun, just remember to be responsible and have a sober driver. 

Here is a look at the 8 oldest bars in the state of Texas. 

8 Oldest Bars in Texas

Here is a look at the 8 oldest bars within the state of Texas.

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