Talk about being unprofessional.

A wedding photographer in Texas decided to join in the party, and got arrested after allegedly having sex with a guest and urinating on a tree while she was on the job.

According to Fox News, Katie Mehta, age 26, who goes by the name Max McIntyre for her business and swimsuit modeling career, was shooting a wedding in Parker Manor in Weatherford, Texas when the incident went down.

An off-duty sheriff providing security at the event was alerted to Mehta's behavior by a member of the wedding party who said Mehta had sex with a man at the wedding.

When the officer told her to leave, she went over to a tree and "began to urinate." The photographer reportedly smelled like alcohol, and became belligerent and started yelling threats at officers after she was arrested.

Her sister claims she received spiked drinks without her knowledge.

Mehta faces charges of public intoxication and a felony charge of obstruction or retaliation.

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