Lil’ Kim is known for delivering vicious clap backs at people who criticize her every move. But recently, the Queen Bee decided to be gentle with her response to a troll who tried to body shame her.

Kim went on her Instagram page and posted a photo of herself with Remy Ma looking fashionable and fabulous backstage at a show. While the pic generated thousands of positive comments, one user took the time to point out that she could see Kim’s rolls through her leather outfit.

Normally, this would make Kim deliver fire and brimstone to the fan, but she had a change of heart this time. The “No Time” rapper responded that she is on a health and fitness journey and that her rolls were from having a baby.

"I'm human. I could have photoshopped it but I didn't because I have been working out everyday really hard and eating so I can be the best me that I can possibly be, it's called growth and change," she wrote.

Kim noted she could have delivered a hellish clap back but she opted to deliver a positive message to "help someone else who may feel a little self conscious about their weight gain."

She then told the body-shaming fan: "get positive, get in shape and healthy, and get a life! Go ahead sis u can do it make that CHANGE!!!! #Loveisallweneed."

Check out Lil' Kim's elegant clap back above and the original photo below.

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