I’ve been tempted before but have never pulled the trigger on getting a tattoo. But I know that if I ever decide I want to make it happen there are lots of talented tattoo artists here in East Texas, and specifically here in Tyler, Texas that do a great job. Recently in the ‘All Things Tyler’ group on Facebook someone asked where to go for a good tattoo at a good price and there were lots of suggestions on where to go for a tattoo.

While this group is all about things in Tyler the question that was asked online also mentioned that the person getting the tattoo was willing to travel is the price was good and the quality of work is top notch. So, as you would expect there were suggestions for all over East Texas which just goes to show you how many talented tattoo artists are here in East Texas.

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Always Do Your Research Before Setting an Appointment

There are lots of people walking around East Texas with tattoos they aren’t happy with, make sure you find a tattoo artist that can do exactly what you want. It seems ridiculous to say, but tattoos are permanent, make sure you’re impressed with an artist’s previous work prior to setting your appointment.

Let’s Look at the List of Recommended Places to Get a Tattoo

As mentioned above the locations that got recommendations aren’t only in Tyler. Here is a look at all of the recommended places to get a tattoo in East Texas:

Recommendations for Tattoo Shops in East Texas

Here is a list of some of the best tattoo shops all over East Texas.

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