Ok, I have a confession....."I love fries!" I love them as a snack, or with my burger.  However,  I just found out that I could have them as a meal.  According to the website Only In Your State they named the 10 Best Texas Restaurants With Fries So Good They Could Be The Main Course and there is a local restaurant here in Tyler with two dishes that will definitely satisfy your appitite.

Shawn Knight

Grub Burger Bar in Tyler - 6421 South Broadway, Suite 130 has turned into one of my favorite hot spots in East Texas.  I love the atmosphere, the customer service is great and they have an AWESOME menu filled with mouth watering meals made fresh daily.  However, outside of their freshly made burgers they have two special creations that will make you never eat french fries the same again.

Introducing the Grub Burger Cheese Fries - Yeah, I'm hungry just looking at it too.  This bowl of gooey goodness will make you forget about getting a burger.  Fries covered in monterey jack & cheddar cheese, bacon & jalapeños!  This definitely is a must try, but there was something else on the menu that made me say......O-M-G!!!!!

Meet the Grub Burger Luau Fries - This right here is no ordinary order of fries.  What's on these fries?  I'm glad you asked:  Pulled pork, Monterey Jack and cheddar cheeses, pineapple, jalapeños, teriyaki, & BBQ sauce. 

Shawn Knight

So next time you're out with the crew or on a date night and want to try something different, but so good.  I suggest trying to the cheesy fries and the luau fries from Grub Burger Bar in Tyler.  I guarantee you will thank me later.....