What started out as some fun videos online years ago has grown into a gigantic audience for our celebrities, Joe Mack Roy and Maria Roy, also known as Pop and Nan from Pop Watch. These two people along with their grandson Jason serve up the wholesome content we all need on the internet. Occasionally we see other family members such as Pop and Nan’s son Billy, but most videos are focused on Pop and Nan and now they are selling some merchandise before the holidays to give back to organizations in East Texas. 

One of the highlights of my year was being able to connect with this kind family and meeting Pop and Nan for myself. I’ve been a fan for many years so meeting Pop and Nan was a dream come true. So, when you hear of these amazing people working to just give back to our community, it just makes you want to support them even more. 

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What Organizations Will Benefit from the Merchandise Sales? 

The organizations that will get some of the proceeds include the Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity, East Texas Angel Network, Longview Ambucs, and East Texas ASPCA. Obviously, they didn’t have to donate any of these proceeds but that just shows you they how great of people they really are.  

What Merchandise Can You Buy? 

There is a variety of shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and a variety of other items that are available for purchase. And would make some amazing Christmas gifts. Click here if you want to purchase something. We are wishing the Roy family and your family a very Merry Christmas.  

As I was writing up this information, I was talking with Jason Roy about this new project and he wanted to share some information with you.

Yeah we are trying to sell as much as we can to be able to donate all proceeds that we personally would make off of it to charity such as Neal McCoy's East Texas Angel Network, Longview AMBUCS, Northeast Texas Habitat for Humanity and also the local ASPCA.


Also we are allowing companies like Tuscaloosa vinyl and crafts out of Tuscaloosa, AL to produce custom Pop Watch tumblers and Budro's woodshop out of Marlow, OK to produce custom Pop Watch cutting and charcuterie boards and CeCe's Car Freshies here in Longview to produce Pop Watch car air freshners for our fans all around the country whole would like to buy them. Our goal is to help small businesses put money in their pockets and reinvest in their own businesses during these still lingering troublesome times by using our platform and our popularity to galvanize monetary relief through different avenues to help keep their businesses moving forward.


We would love to open more opportunities up for our fans so we are always interacting with small businesses around the country to provide services for a good cause.


And the best thing is....100% of all the profits made by each individual company they get to keep.


No other social media platform (that im aware of) is willing to let small businesses use their own likeness to sell products to their fan base where 100% of profits are kept within that small business brick & mortar walls or the home garage or barn set up for business use.


My motto is..."we provide shoes"...now we don't actually provide shoes...we provide the opportunity for people who work hard to be able to lace those shoes up everyday with a purpose...a purpose to wake up and have something to look forward too. Lace up those shoes to get to work with a sense of pride and work ethic to produce something that is American and wholesome as helping hand. That's what we do as Americans...we take care of our own. Neighbors, friends, family, strangers....we are all part of the same goal whether we actually see it or not. Our goal is to be better than the day before... by the dollar donated by the handshake given, by the hug embraced by the smile letting someone knows its gonna be alright....


Everyone needs to have the feeling that someone out there cares for them and is looking out in their best interest. We always get wrapped up in what the big cable news media tells us how we distant we are from one another...we are using someone else words to tell us who we are.


Truth is....we are closer now than ever before....we just got to look out for one another...a little here and a little there. Don't let anyone tell us who we are.


We are one....and from the Pop Watch platform and the entire Roy family we are here to provide an extra smile, laugh, memory, tear and the feeling of being appreciated.

Because without everyone...Pop Watch is just another untold story in the human experience in the great country of America and wonderful places and people all around the world.


We ALL are Pop Watch.

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