Its Called "The White House Of West Texas" But Its Far From "Presidential" As This Mansion Has Sat Empty For Decades.

It's been awhile since I've been through the Abilene area but if you find yourself passing through that area, you'll probably get a glimpse at one of the largest abandoned mansions in Texas.

The home was built in 1983 By Peter Kasimirs, A East German Native born in 1912.

According to the YouTube channel, Exploring and Paranormal, the mansion has an interesting backstory.

  • Kasimirs Came to America a few years after World War 2.
  • Married a American woman from Alabama.
  • Got into the Hotel business in the 1970's
  • Moved to Abilene, Texas in 1974.

He would became the owner of the Royal Inn and Steak House. In the 1970s he and his wife moved into a home that used to sit where the mansion sits now. They had planned on renovations and adding on to the other house but that became an issue because of the extensive work the house needed. So in 1983 they tore down their house to rebuild their dream home.

The mansion features 12,000 square feet of living space and 2 pools -- with one of them being indoors.

The couple both had certain architecture styles that they loved and that’s how the design of this mansion came about.  Just about everything in the home was shipped in from Europe including the crazy amount of marble and ornate trim above each entry way and over 30 chandeliers with a 2000 sq. ft. master bedroom.

Sadly, the owners passed away in 2006 and the mansion was sold off. The ownership of the mansion has changed several times until 2008 when the house was winterized and no one ever moved back in. So let's be nosey and take a look inside!

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