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When it comes to eating out, I am a creature of habit. I will frequent the same fast food joint or sit-down restaurant nearly every single time. Rarely do I venture out from what I know, but I am not opposed to trying new locations at all.

When my wife and I are trying to decide where to go for lunch or dinner, especially on the weekends, sometimes we'll just leave it up to the random Google search from another city here in East Texas for variety. A while back our search took us to Mineola for burgers at East Texas Burger Company. We enjoyed that experience we gave it a try again the following weekend and ended up at The Back Porch in Kilgore.

East Texas has some amazing restaurants.

Like you, it seems like I'm constantly doom scrolling through one social media feed until something catches my attention and that's what happened today. Someone posted the comment that they live of FM 14 and forget how close they are to Lindale and was wondering what Lindale restaurants were hidden gems.

It didn't take long for people from the Lindale area to start chiming in and shouting out about some of the great locations that they enjoy and frequent. The options were quite varied too - bbq, burgers, Chinese food, Italian food, pizza and tacos. I do believe the next time I do a random search for lunch or dinner with my wife we're going to search for Lindale.

Check out some of the Lindale area restaurants that were suggested by Lindale area locals and their comments on why they shouted out these hidden gems of Lindale. When locals give recommendations, they're usually not wrong!

Looking For An Awesome Lindale Restaurant? Try These Suggested Places

When it comes to some hidden restaurant gems in Lindale, residents in the Lindale area are chiming in and shouting out to some of the great locations that they enjoy and frequent. 

Hey Food Network, These East Texas Best East Are Worthy Of An Episode

We're sending Food Network a message - it's about time to bring some of those cameras from your shows and feature our fantastic restaurants on several of your shows.

East Texas is full of fantastic restaurants that are owned by some extremely talented chefs, pitmasters and bakers. For years you, the Food Network, have been creating shows featuring local hot spots and we feel it's about time for some of our favorite hot spots to be featured on one of your many shows.

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