Police officers are never sure what they're going to face when called out to investigate a burglar alarm at a residential address.

Thursday morning around 6:10 Lufkin Police were called to a residential address on FM 58 because the homeowner heard the sound of breaking glass, someone going through her house and her burglar alarm going off. The homeowner was hiding in a closet when the first Lufkin Police officer arrived and he could hear someone moving around in the house and quickly called for backup.

Once backup arrived, the officers formed a strike team and gained entry into the home with guns drawn in hopes of capturing the burglar. While sweeping the house the lead officer came face to snout with a pretty frightened doe. In the video posted online, you can hear the officer yell, "Deer!  Deer!  Deer!  Stand down! Stand down! It's a deer."

That's when the officers had to creatively come up with a way to get the deer out of the home. The officers used kitchen chairs to direct the deer to the front door and back to freedom.

According to the Lufkin Police - no animals were seriously injured in the incident (except minor cuts from the glass).

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